This is our story.

On my first visit to Thailand a few years ago, I fell in love with Thai Tea. Over the course of 5 weeks in Chiang Mai, I had consumed gallons of the sweet orange drink and wanted to continue sipping and sharing this new obsession with friends back home.

After ordering a Thai Tea mix online in the US, I was shocked to find a sticker on the bag that said it contained a chemical that “is known to cause cancer.” Tea?? Really? Surely there had to be a way to consume the beautiful orange tea without the radioactive ingredients. So, I decided to embark on the journey of creating my own.

Yim Tea Co. was born, and we began working with a wonderful tea farm in Northern Thailand to source a native high quality naturally grown Assam tea. Combined with other natural ingredients, we are proud to present the first authentic 100% Natural Thai Tea mix.

At Yim Tea Co., we care about what we consume. Our Thai Tea is beautiful inside and out so that you can feel just as good as our tea looks. That’s a promise.

Dylan Snowden
Founder, Yim Tea Co.
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