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Thai Tea

$ 26.99 USD
At Yim Tea Co, we fell in love with Thai Tea but never did like those artificial ingredients normally found in other mixes. Our All Natural Thai Tea doesn't contain any of those nasty chemicals that you hate. We use an Assam black tea native to the hills of Northern Thailand, grown under organic conditions along with 100% all-natural extracts and coloring to provide you with the vibrant Thai Tea experience you love. Make Iced Lemon Tea or Thai Milk Tea. Try it hot or cold! It’s all up to you.
Assam black tea blend, natural vanilla extract, natural annatto extract
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See what others are saying.

"This tea is so delicous! I was skeptical due to price but loved it the second i smelled the tea. I strongly encourage you to try this at least once in your life."
"I have purchased several brands of Thai tea in the past and this is by far my favorite. It is natural, and rich in flavor. It goes perfectly with honey and milk."
"This tea is AMAZING! Same great, vibrant orange color yet all natural ingredients! Win win win! I really like the tea by itself, but love it with sweetened condensed milk. Taste like authentic Thai Tea, and so impressed that it’s all natural!"
Mike Wilson
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